Global COVID-19 Insights for Commercial Real Estate

We are here to help you navigate the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on your workplace, your assets and the global real estate market. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we will update these resources frequently so you have access to our best thinking around the world.

Workplace Trends and Occupier Insights

We explore global and regional insights, impact on key industry sectors, recovery incentives, legal and workforce analytics and capital markets conditions for occupiers.

Our Work Forward >> Together program brings together experts who are here to resolve mission-critical property or portfolio issues, and help you transition into safe workplaces and steady-state operations.

Speaking with our experts around the world, we discuss the impact of working from home on productivity, collaboration and work-life balance, the future of remote working and how to make workplaces safe.

Capital Markets Insights

This report examines why we see good value in Asia Pacific real estate as yields on property assets are compared with other asset classes.
How quickly can APAC economies and real estate sectors expect to recover? How have markets reacted to stimulus packages? What will full economy recovery look like?
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With European countries exiting the lockdown, read about government stimulus and strategy being deployed that we have compiled and continue to actively monitor.

Country Insights

Check out our Work Forward >> Together back-to-business primer, a succinct checklist of activities and considerations for landlords and tenants as they prepare to reopen their physical workspaces and buildings.
The market is experiencing weaker demand and elevated vacancy following the COVID-19 outbreak. Read about our insights and recommendations for landlords and tenants.
With easing measures gradually being implemented, how has sentiment about Germany's real estate markets changed? We explore opportunities, investment decisions and expected changes in purchase price and rents.
Regional COVID-19 Resources